OpenMind provide a roadmap for TPM Implementation at Manufacturing Operations Engage with all areas of the operation to embed the TPM Pillars and process into teams’ daily activities. This will identify losses and create prioritization for the areas to put actions in place that will increase value added productivity.

Total Productive Maintenance or TPM is a systematic approach to improve efficiency, productivity and reliability of the equipment in an organization. to improve the efficiency, TPM aims at eliminating Major losses, which obstruct production efficiency. Total Productive Maintenance Implementation not only increases production by improving effectiveness of machines but also helps in increasing employee morale and job satisfaction.

Our team can help you transform your operation so it can realize the same benefits as other organizations that implemented TPM. If your goal is to have your equipment functioning at peak levels with happy workers in a cleaner environment that generates less waste with a decrease in maintenance and repair spending, then let us know and we can lead the way.

  • Mark improvement in operational efficiency and productivity across the system
  • Enhance cross functional coordination and working
  • Reduce downtime leading to timely completion of customer orders
  • Reduce accidents and defects
  • High conformance to Quality standards
  • Reduction in manufacturing costs

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