Lean Management Projects

OpenMind value adding is in the coaching and training that is provided to facilitate culture change while developing clients' internal competencies.

Lean Management helps Operational Excellence organizations to create flow, for both materials and information, and maximize value through the reduction or elimination of non-value adding activities.

Working with OpenMind lean management team, achieve clients’ goals..

  • Value creation from a customer perspective and Waste avoidance
  • Shorter lead times as well as a lower error rate, higher productivity and improved quality.
  • Specific process definitions and descriptions, clear responsibilities, simple organization methods and rapid reactions on errors enable stable processes.
  • Establishing of an “improvement culture” following the Kaizen principle and consistent self-improvement implemented by the employees themselves.
  • Team leaders discuss and analyze projects and respective progress with their subordinates on a regular basis

Training & Consulting

OpenMind provides training and development through workshops

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